The Science Behind Stem Cell Products

18 Apr 2012

One of the latest innovations in the skincare industry is the use of stem cell products to rejuvenate and heal the skin. Unlike human stem cell treatments that use controversial extractions, science has made it possible to extract naturally occurring botanical stem cells from a rare type of apple called the Uttwiler Spätlauber. This Swiss apple was too bitter to be eaten, but and was not a fruit associated with healing powers until recent years. In the case of age prevention and skin longevity, this fruit holds the key to a very powerful formula.

What exactly are skin stem cells however, and how do stem cell products work?

Understanding Skin Stem Cell Products

Within each of the skin’s three layers, cells are found that contribute the overall look and appearance of your skin. Within the epidermis layer, there is another layer called the basal layer – this is where epidermal skin cells are found. These cells regenerate each layer of the epidermis, lying dormant until activated by tissue damage, environmental damage, natural aging or disease. As stem cells naturally break down over years, a product was needed to reverse this damage.

Many different stem cell products have been tried over the years, but none were able to deliver lasting results. Researchers at Mibelle Biochemistry then made a startling discovery – the rare old Uttwiler Spätlauber apples that no-one wanted to eat had a number of qualities that made them very valuable in skin cell rejuvenation.

Studies showed that apple stem cells have a number of epigenetic factors and metabolites that enhance the longevity of human skin cells. Using apple extract stem cells allowed human stem cells to be revived, boosting proteins, carbohydrates and lipids that repair fine lines, and restore the skin’s natural firmness and elasticity.

Another ground-breaking result showed that botanical stem cells also increased antioxidants that protect human skin stem cells against sun damage and other environmental stress, while balancing free radicals and reversing the aging effects.

Through products such as MIREICA skin supplements that are rich in natural apple extract and other key ingredients, your skin will heal itself from within, delaying the aging process and ensuring healthy skin through botanically extracted stem cell products.

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